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Milong Angus Stud

Milong Angus Stud is one of the oldest Angus studs in the country and has been in continuous operation at the original Milong West property at Young in New South Wales for almost 100 years.

It remains in the hands of the same family and its commitment to producing quality Angus bulls that meet the needs of the commercial cattle producer.

EST. 1928

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Our Sires

Raff Jumbuck J125

Raff Jumbuck J125 is a very special sire at Milong Angus as he has a great temperament, smooth shouldered, offers easy calving and is a great doer. He was purchased due to multiple factors but has always had extra eye appeal and was a very mobile, loose skinned individual. He was out of a highly fertile line of females and that has been proven through the bulls and females he has produced.

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Atahua Freedom 609-10 (AI)

Atahua Freedom has strong NZ bloodlines which we seek due to their great structure, soundness and longevity. He has produced very well at Milong Angus as he has great overall softness and very smooth shouldered which we find paramount for calving ease.

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B/R New Frontier 095 (AI)

B/R New Frontier is a lovely all-round bull with many of the desired traits we look for within our bulls. He is a great producer and has sired many individuals with great size, softness and excellent feet soundness.

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Raff Stockman

Raff Stockman G424 is an all-round great bull used at Milong Angus. He produced many fantastic females which we still have in the herd today. He was a very dense and large framed bull but had the greatest calving ease ability, it was amazing for such a large bull.

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Merchiston Steakhouse

Merchiston Steakhouse was introduced to our herd due to his softness and capacity of frame. He is a smaller framed, very compact, deep bull that has produced very true to type. We have retained many of his heifer progeny in our stud line to increase our smaller framed, earlier maturing line of cattle. He has produced a consistent cow line.

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Cricklewood Cracker

Cricklewood Cracker was used for many years at Milong Angus with his NZ bloodlines being infused within the herd. He had great structure and capacity with the added key traits produced within his progeny, structure, softness and longevity.

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Our Philosophy

In the days before artificial insemination, foundation sires were imported from Scotland, Canada and New Zealand and over the last thirty years, fourth generation studmaster William Day has built on this solid foundation.

The stud consistently produces Angus bulls that are above average in length and depth with soft skin and kind heads that offer easy calving and management. They are suited to conditions from southern Queensland to Tasmania in both tough and excellent times.

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