Milong Angus Stud has been committed to producing an easy, well doing herd that suits a range of climatic conditions across NSW for almost 100 years.

Established in 1928 and long before artificical insemination, foundation sires were imported from Scotland, Canada and New Zealand to increase the gene pool within the Milong Angus Stud and Australian Angus cattle. This allowed Milong Angus to select their desired traits and genetics from across the world, over many years and generations which has led towards the durable overall type within the herd today.

The main traits in our herd we have focused on is temperament, marbling and longevity, with key emphasis on commercial production. We believe that providing these traits for our clients is providing profitability amongst their commercial beef enterprise.

Temperament is one of our key management areas as we believe there is a huge correlation between temperament and carcass quality, the advantage of quiet cattle is tenfold.

The angle of the commercial herd is focused on our preferred traits and genetics but also on our stock handling and management practices, therefore increasing overall production and driving profitability. The temperament and quietness of our cattle leads to heightened traits including easy calving and longevity.

However, it drives our herd from a profitability point of view as assists down the agricultural chain producing good quality carcass, high marbling, less dark cutters, higher weight gain and assisting farmers and feedlot handlers in management.

We have a strong emphasis on our maternal function as that is where the production and profitability lie.

We have a focus on easy doing large frame cows with structural and feet soundness, udder set and high milk production, femininity, longevity, easy calving and temperament. For these, we focus on producing bulls that suit both younger and bigger frame cows, therefore, two main lines of bulls have been developed; the soft smaller compact bull and then the smooth shouldered, longer frame bull. We believe that bull selection is highly important but knowing the position of your cow herd is paramount as you can’t rely solely on a bull to achieve your desired traits and results.

We work closely with our clients to select a bull that will suit your cow herd requirements and outcomes. We believe that 90% of calving is on management, cow conditions and timing. We will assist to ensure optimal traits are selected from our bulls for your herd and management practices; i.e. condition of cows, when you calve, time of year for joining/weaning etc. This selection is vital for enhancing your breeding outcomes and creating a profitable and versatile beef enterprise.